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ANITA D. ( operating room nurse)
-- daVinci Robotic Hysterectomy --

The post op pain after my robotic hysterectomy was nothing compared to pain from the incision I had to remove an ovarian cyst.  I was so happy I could go home the same night.

JENNIFER L. (nurse psychologist)
-- daVinci Robotic Hysterectomy --

My surgery was the first of it's kind at Jersey Shore Medical Center.  Dr. Rogers performed my surgery and the whole experience was very positive.  I was home within 24 hours and had very little discomfort. I originally expected to have the typical large incision because I had very large fibroids but the whole surgery was done through a few small incisions significantly shortening my recovery. The whole thing was amazing.
SHARYN R. (nurse manager)
-- Mid-urethral sling surgery --

It's hard to believe that I used to do all those things like stop and cross my legs if I had to cough, wear protective pads and limit any activity that would put strain on my bladder.  Now I can cough, laugh and strain without a problem.... it is an immediate quality of life changer.

 CHRISTINE M. (medical assistant)
-- Mid-urethral sling surgery --

It got to the point where my bladder symptoms were affecting my daily activities and my work.  I was no longer even able to exercise.  Since my mindurethral sling the problem is completely resolved and I am training for a 5K run..... something I couldn't even consider in the past!

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